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You have stumbled across the most unpredictable party game out there! Much more than another Poker Chip set, (but doubles as one) Dumb Luck is a home gambling game where you and your friends are all racing to the top floor of the luxurious Diamond Nugget Casino where riches await you... Perhaps. You see, along the way, players will randomly play solo or multi player games. Solo game winnings are taken from the final cash prize. Multiplayer games allow players the chance to win cash from eachother. Here's how it works:

Each player in the game puts up $20 (if playing for real money is allowed in your area, of course) and is given $6 in chips. The remaining $14 from each player makes up the game's "bank" and this money is up for grabs. More chips can be obtained by landing on a single player game and winning, landing on a You Find Money space, landing on a Multi-Player game space and winning against your opponents, or drawing a card that entitles you to take more money from the bank.

Just because you are in last place doesn't mean that you have lost as you could luckily win $16 from a slot machine or draw a card that says

And if you are in first place, don't get cocky because you could lose your turn, your lead, or your chips if you lose your luck.

Anything can happen in Dumb Luck... The Ultimate Gambling Party Game!

Each game contains:

(Click to Enlarge)

    • 300 - 11.5 gram poker chips with dice logo in five exciting colors*

(* game also available without chips for owners of other poker chip sets. See order form for details.)

  • 3 decks of Dragon Fly professional plastic coated playing cards
  • 1 deck of 48 unpredictable draw cards
  • 1 gold and black spinner
  • 6 19mm Clear Red Casino dice
  • 1 ten sided die for moving
  • 1 four sided die for certain games
  • 8 shiny plastic pawns
  • 40 tokens in 8 pawn matching colors
    (expansion set available for $1.25 more to support up to 12 players with 4 additional colors of pawns and tokens)
  • 1 folding hinge full color board lined in red velvet

    (Click to Enlarge)
  • 1 betting ruler for the side games Dumb Luck Lotto and Cardoulette
  • 1 sheet of rules (yes, only one sheet!)
  • 2 table tent information displays
  • 1 blue Single Player Game card with 10 different solo player games of chance with 23 game variations
  • 1 purple Multi Player Game card with 10 different exciting multiplayer games with multiple game variations
  • 1 dealer button and Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, Stud Poker rules for use in poker set applications
  • 1 high quality custom Dumb Luck locking poker case lined in red cloth featuring wooden dividers, closing section for game pieces, and velcro and elastic bands in the lid to hold the boards, rules, and cards.

You could pay a lot more for similar Poker Chip sets but none of them will contain this much Dumb Luck!!

Order Now! Dumb Luck FAQ contact the creator at me.mine@dumbluckgame.com

Dumb Luck, game images, and concept ©2012 Damien Brainchild Entertainment. All rights reserved.



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